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tv   Food For Thought  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2017 1:32am-2:02am +03

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exults in spain's catalonia region say secession is parties are on track to win an absolute majority in the regional parliament more than ninety six percent of the votes have been counted informally deckard is look set to regain his position the election was called off the spanish region's controversial independence referendum the u.s. has imposed sanctions on dozens of people and businesses in the yanmar south sudan and gambia it includes a myanmar general involved in the brutal crackdown on revenge of muslims the u.s. is also drafted a u.n. resolution banning nearly ninety percent of petroleum exports to north korea peru's congress is debating whether to impeach president had republicans scared of a corruption allegations opposition m.p.'s want him ousted over revelations his private consulting business receive payments from brazilian construction giant depression cases part of the so-called car wash bribery scandal in brazil which is implicated dozens of politicians and businessmen across latin america. the red
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cross says yemen's cholera epidemic is believed to have infected one million people more than two thousand have died since the outbreak first began in october last year or more on that story and everything else in about twenty five minutes time more news coming up from doha at the top of the next hour but that's after one a one east which starts now. yes. al-jazeera where ever you are. if there was ever a quintessential chinese comfort for one to noodle soup would be it. once a meal reserved for emperors and describes the swallowing of clouds today it's served on almost every street in china. one bowl with its noodles veggies and pork
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dumplings is supposed to contain all the nutrients you need. but recent scandals over poisonous toxic food have sickening killed thousands. in an undercover investigation we take a closer look at being greedy as they go into one soon and find a food industry serving up a cocktail of chemicals. from the vast farmland of the world's largest food producing nation. to its markets and kitchens adulterated food products are putting lives at risk. and it's troubling for the rest of the globe too as made in china food is increasingly being exploited to a table near you. on a speech out on this edition of one i want to use we're chasing a toxic trail in the greedy and tainting china's food supply and we're doing it by following the making of one of ages how iconic dishes a seemingly simple for how one kind of soup.
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long before others are up jeffrey g. is already starting his day. one of china's most renowned one ton suv makers he spent every morning says you working up the perfect ball it's a labor of love. my family has done this for generations when the school was passed on to me to give it my one hundred percent so people can taste the same traditional bowl of noodles soup this century. with recent scandals in china over tainted food who's agreed to show us how real food should be made. the key to great taste he says is using natural ingredients nothing artificial. another group is time. he stews his profit for hours. only at
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sunrise turn his attention to other elements of the one ton dish. flour and eggs are needed in pounded into dough until it becomes the right consistency to be cut into his signature noodles. minute made by hand and with lots of patients only the exact amount of time and ingredients will get a tasty soup a spoon. who knows to many his methods seem slow and outdated especially in the fast paced world of the new modern china. today the busy lies of a new generation has meant people want their food quickly the dangerous says they have little time to think about what they're putting into their mouths that he says allows a profit hungry food industry to take advantage. i've come to beijing the heart of the country to meet a man who promises to show me the dark and dirty secrets of the food trade. a watch
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i mean i know how old you are so i need to retire should want to. tell me how many of you are also have r.c. for more than twenty years chung has worked as a chef in a law to tutor restaurant and has made more than his fair share of oneto noodles but as each year goes by he feels lives are increasingly being put at risk a move down the how to love i don't feel good about one hundred girlfriend at the moment the public can't even fathom the scale of how much illegal additives are being used in food china safety problem has reached such epic proportions that it needs to be addressed the problem is so extreme. we come to a wholesale market which i'm told sells many illegal food additives. filming with hidden cameras we make our way through the rows of shops they offer everything a modern restaurant needs all in large quantities. the first store one tasty too
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has wall stocked with bottles upon bottles of chemicals. that. are over. there additives and according to one some of them are toxic. harmful industrial solvents like melamine have on occasion been found inside these chemical mixes. there. was in and ones that simulate the flavor of the meat in one time with them he says you don't have to use any real meat when cooking it was. at a second story long asked for a flavoring for his one ton soup one that will substitute for hours of stew and i did i'll be. very happy. then suddenly he decides to put the shopkeeper on the spot and got my own head out for. your own oh no don't go there you go i'll go tigers. and you
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have to disassemble and unite and if you're going to hear you're going to hear i should be introducing to the if you come out here on your feet you know i believe that you're going to believe that a father's words are she's either misguided or outright line under chinese laws selling items without detailed list of ingredients is a crime with a shopkeeper getting suspicious we quickly buy the soup flavoring along with other additives and leave we head for one's kitchen. on how. one wants to show me how easy it is to make a fully artificial bowl of one ton noodles one he says many restaurants today serve he guarantees it will taste exactly like the real thing porto not. master wu the authentic one time soup maker uses eggs to give his noodles texture and color. wang adds
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a mysterious white powder to flour he says he has no idea what it's made of but it's a fraction of the cost of eggs and gives the dough its needed consistency coming out of pocket. there's no need to spend hours working the dough in just a few minutes it's ready to be cut into noodles. for the one times master wu uses real pork meat for the filling. but wong says many restaurants these days use an artificial filler it's basically another powder but when water is added the transformation to meet begins again we have no idea what it's made of some come almost half which some poor are sure are a match. on the box on the sound.
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one says the use of colored additives beyond the legal limits set by the government is a common practice. well they are some of them thanks to a range of unknown substances we see what started out as powder take on the smell taste and texture of real meat. was what i know or drawer or the c.r.a. all. one begins to cook the one tons a new tools what took master wu hours is ready in just a few minutes. on the. floor so on my where you know me a little hollow while the thought is a bit disgusting it's time for a taste test so master one says that this take all of one time noodle soup tastes exactly like the real thing although it's time to give it a try. lots of
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flavor the texture may not be exactly right but if you're seeing in a restaurant slurping this down you probably can tell the difference the big question is what is this for doing to your body. but one says it's profit not health that restaurants are concerned about this bowl cost just twenty cents to mean it's five times cheaper than making it with real ingredients more than that they don't leave you shoes here these vendors are blinded by greed the temptation of money has corroded the souls of many people they put profit above all other things. to find out just what toxins are lurking inside the sender additives along with their fake ball of one tons to a lab for testing. meanwhile we decide to delve further into the issue and visit more additives markets around the country. we want to try to buy borax it's a chemical once commonly used to bleach noodles but was banned last year in china.
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borax is considered a poison it's also a pesticide and fungicide. with getting cameras rolling my translator and i pose as restaurant tours and visit the shark. i go. back to rabbit hole you were right we. all want to go. back. home but. we are very famous shopkeeper just now that we want to buy borax to use in noodles and still he was going to sell it to us five hundred grams or half a kilos going for about a dollar fifty us considering how cheap that is you have to suspect that it's still being commonly used in noodles despite it being illegal to do so. in two thousand and eight unscrupulous food producers were caught targeting the most vulnerable hundreds of thousands of children were rushed to hospital after
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they were fed toxic melamine in their infant formula. normally used to make plastics and tabletops investigators discovered producers are using it to artificially boost protein levels in milk powder once eaten it can cause kidney stones and kidney failure. while twenty one food producers and all were found guilty the government sent only a handful of people to jail two were executed. to this day eight year old sheeny lynn has yet to recover from the melamine that poison terms her mother has invited us to join them on one of their regular visits to hospital. she lynn looks like any other energetic child but her mom says she's often very serious. chasers who couldn't do the job she's extremely weak and constantly feels pain in her back near the kidneys sometimes her face turns green and tell that skit pale she's even paul stipe before. today she knew lynn is going for an ultrasound our producer
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takes. as we film with hidden cameras shinny limbs mom says the state run hospital has been covering up how sick her daughter really is in order to downplay the melamine scandal. inside the medical technician gets she even ready for the ultrasound which is supposed to determine if she has kidney stones right from the start the technician seems suspicious. war. in the first ultrasound before the melamine scandal became big news doctors discovered she had a number of stones another clinic confirmed that diagnosis. but in following tests after the scandal the state run hospital changed their tune and today is no
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different. but our producer sees white spots in the kidney scans and pushed the technician for answers. you. want to have. a proper role on. war. with the woman who. while denying there's anything seriously wrong doctors continue to give she needed in chinese herbal medicine to help clear the calcification unable to afford expensive private clinics her family has no choice but to come back to the state run hospitals from other scenes of what she sees as unjust us may have had been in the mix what kind of it's the government hasn't done anything it only covers things up and evades responsibility officials from the provinces and village level have even ones me they will arrest me if i don't keep quiet without much money she knew
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lynn resorts to questionable. remedies like jumping on a trampoline to try to shake the kidney stones out. the vegetables they eat come from their own garden and are pesticide free the family also goes to great lengths to ensure the rest of the food they eat is organic still whenever her mother sees her ill it breaks her heart why do you keep speaking out despite the threats despite the orders to stay so yeah just possible simply yes she's all the time i have and they've hurts my most beloved it's not about money it's more importantly because i cannot tolerate the treatment. without public accountability her mother believes more children will be heard by tainted food since the melamine scandal there have been numerous other examples from the sale of oil recycled from the gutter to watermelons exploded due to being overly juiced with growth hormone.
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to red meat sold as pork was house on the judge's elmo bit cool earth i always say either we starve to death we die of toxic foods it's just a matter of time we're all in one cesspit like sub i don't get all the fun comes this in the middle. policing the world's most populous nation isn't easy. in two thousand and twelve more than half of all food producers failed government tests and even today in places like what markets many sellers remain on license when you walk through a massive market like this really get a sense of how large china's your industry was at one time the chinese government gave the responsibility for ensuring procedures in ten different ministries in magic the publication that causes an overlapping jurisdictions now the chinese government is trying to change. officials say they are now centralizing control
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under a few ministries and are also drafting what they hail as their toughest food law to date. but at this market in the capital food safety expert fun wrong play finds lots of pain still wrong including excessive growth hormones in fathers like bean sprouts and on the bad ones are likely something was used like plant growth regulation that can make the sprouts grow to the shape and size. at this stall the shopkeeper dodges our cameras that leads fan to inspect the cow tried. it smells of industrial chemicals. we ask him to buy the tripe and go to our next location for a fan to set up a portable food testing kit into. your country bear your paddles he. tripe is a popular ingredient in noodle soup in asia but fans says in china many vendors use industrial chemicals to make it appear fresher over the soda and then.
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he applies the testing agent. wall your opinion sir. are afraid. so if there is a sense of things. that are ordered from you and need. the color says fan indicates that industrial grade sodium hydroxide is present normally used in metal making in printing some use it illegally to preserve food was being highly corrosive it's not meant to be ingested away from us and the boy in the mummy why are hospitals now so crowded people are getting sick not due to natural reasons like getting old but because of the unsafe food we eat that makes us ill while in beijing we're invited to an expo on food safety. it seems after the recent food scandals the government is abandoning its usual rhetoric the official
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here offers a realistic picture of the challenges they face should he actually come round to the kitchen tackle i'm to have zero. zero zero and he's larger. afterwards i tried to get in a word with your fish to ask him about the government's efforts last august of next meeting yesterday with the yeah. but he waves us off and prefers instead to rub elbows with companies marketing the latest in clean food technology i. don't know if you know the. food safety is a big business opportunity in china these days and there are lots of vendors eager to share the limelight with unfortunate government officials. after chasing him around for quite some time he suddenly decides to leave. well we've been trying to get a comment from this official but obviously he's not interested in talking with us
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a little bit frustrating because he chased them all through this exhibition despite that he's leaving them to learn more about the government's efforts we speak to a researcher at a state funded institute. says the food safety situation has changed over time well . since two thousand and eight government departments have made many efforts and for its petition. for trying to improve the safety of the whole food supply system i can say food safety in china is now karen tede. but that's certainly not what we discover. pork is a key ingredient to one ton noodles and so we decided to visit a pig farm. no one's around at this one but littering the ground are numerous packages of medicine. so we go in for a closer look. in two thousand and twelve china produced more than fifty million
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metric tons of pork that's several times more than any other country on the planet and what we have here wow this is a shelf full of chemicals there are drugs meant to treat all sorts of livestock sicknesses some even advertise that they can help pigs grow faster and wow look at this. this is a box of general antibiotics the seed of powder here the government has been trying to get tougher on the amount of antibiotics as well as growth hormones being used for farm animals but as you can see here this whole shelf is full of it the other wonder what kind of chemical cocktail his pigs are being injected with studies show the overuse of antibiotics especially in livestock are creating bacteria resistant to medicine and those bacteria can easily jump to humans when we consume the meat in there or. one of the owners suddenly appears we turn on our hidden cameras and poses tourists my translator joins be as we take
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a tour around the farm he admits no one controls how much medicine he uses. and on the back of. the also shows us the feet known often to contain growth hormones he says in just a few months his pigs gain more than one hundred kilos. on the anything. that goes through your heart. we then ask him about business cards found outside his gate offering to buy sick and dead pigs. for. a year. suster selling sick in dead animals is illegal but it's not the only problem we find in the area. another issue is the over use of pesticides recent
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studies show that most farmland in china is today heavily contaminated by them scattered around this farm we find used pesticide packages. one gene from greenpeace joins us here she spent years studying the impact of insecticides jellyfish for my health. some of them have been banned since the one nine hundred eighty s. greenpeace's own research found farmers in china on average use up to five times the amount of pesticides as elsewhere in the world. on one farm group filmed pesticides killing chicks on the spot. but the group says often times more than a dozen different toxins are used together. today in our addiction to pesticides and fertilizers is making food safety the most serious of issues not a single day passes where we feel safe and happy with our lives because this issue
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has yet to be addressed. as public alarm grows over the harm of toxins some in the food industry are stepping in to help. these aren't shoppers they're a team of inspectors wal-mart has hired to make surprise visits to their one hundred forty stores in china. after being caught in recent scandals over meat and other tainted products the grocery giant is now spending more than fifty million dollars to try to ensure their products are clean. the testers collect random samples which are then taken to a mobile there. each item is run through a cycle of tests. if pesticides growth hormones or toxic industrial agents are found a supplier can be blacklisted. but wal-mart's lead food inspector admits the industry is often one step ahead introducing new harmful substances that test can't detect.
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sound to include us and them this is really a tough battle by the saying goes when the priest climbs the post the devil climbs ten were doing our best to constantly upgrade our testing capabilities to reply to customers with safe food. the sheer volume of products walmart must inspect is another challenge. this is one of their distribution centers. in many ways it offers a small window into the huge difficulties that law in policing the country's food supply chain the difficulty that is becoming a global issue as china increasingly exports food worldwide still authorities argue they're already doing their best imo well why not i'll go out on our challenges question she is from the us the e.u. the u.k. or elsewhere to try and tackle the chinese market. i don't think they would that. but our authority is trying to make excuses for a lack of trying in our undercover investigation following the trail of ingredients
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for one ton noodle soup we found food suppliers operating with very little supervision and oversight from the farms. to the markets. to the kitchens. as for the fake ball of one ton noodles are tests found a number of toxic substances in the flour used for noodles there was from mel the heart which is used to preserve dead bodies but when eaten it can cause liver cancer in the mysterious white powder which we used to give noodles their bouncy texture there were poisonous metals like lead cadmium and arsenic the lab also found borax the same illegal chemical we found for sale at the additives market it's so toxic that just a teaspoon to kill a child. there are those who offer hope for china's food system. restaurant is packed daily the customers happy to have food they can trust you buy
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milk you have the medals or the noodles in most of the places too heavy a chemical taste the ones here though taste clean and sweet. in an industry that's become driven by profit who holds his individual stand will somehow improve food safety. his mission to preserve a true. honest food making is truly a lonely uphill battle. big business is replacing humans with robots now who with us those who need to be the governments of playing catch up terrified of what happens if millions of children cease to exist. but it is the workers whose livelihoods are at stake who have no say. the fourth industrial revolution and what it means for the future of humanity. the series of special reports welsh is ever. seen as
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a holy city by the three major monotheistic religions jerusalem has been contested for centuries al-jazeera brings you a special program about the status of jerusalem and its importance with our correspondents across the palestinian territories and opinions from around the world we explore the reality on the ground and the impact the u.s. is intention to move its embassy to jerusalem or have on the peace process the holy land on al-jazeera. zero.
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zero zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha. i'm coming up for the next sixty minutes. part is wanting to break away from spain claim victory in his regional elections we have the nation from. the world gives its verdict at the united nations with a landslide vote against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. as president placed apology not to impeach him over corruption allegations linked to a wider scale latin america and as the un's former yugoslavia war crimes tribunal finally shot since. victims believe a chance of justice have also come to an end. and we are taking the law.


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